I am THISCLOSE to my first goal

I weighed. I am at 351.2 pounds. I am so close to 349 pounds I can taste it.

This is what 351 pounds looks like.

I’m not ready to attach a face to my body. I’m just not ready. Too much shame I think.

I began insulin on Sunday. I felt like I failed. But today is Thursday night – and my sugars are down over 100 points. 357 down to 173. I am about 60 points away from a pretty normal blood sugar. I’ll take it.

My next goal is to lose 5 percent of my body weight. For me that number is 17.76 pounds. So I am working to make it on down to the 330’s – I can do this.

Slow and steady is how it’s got to go for me. No other way.

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