363 pounds…can I really do this?

….or should I just say fuck it all and accept my fate that I’m going to die fat.
I’m not in a great place today. I hate food. I hate everything about it. Oh how I wish I didn’t have to eat. People tell me to pray this away. People tell me to write down every single thing I eat and place in my mouth. While others just say that I have to move my body every single day. Eat less than you burn. And I know logically they are all right.
I know this. I know this. I know this.

In the deep recesses of my mind I wonder sometimes if punished because I used to make fun of my sister when I was skinny as a rail she was chunky. As a kid I was just so mean.


So, for today, I hate food.

One thought on “363 pounds…can I really do this?

  1. Look at the name of your blog… yes, you can do this. Of course you can! I don’t know what your methods are, but if it feels like a punishment to stick with them you might do better on a different plan. But there absolutely is a way for you to lose the weight, I believe that with all my heart. You’re doing great, don’t give in and don’t be so hard on yourself! I’m pretty sure all children are mean


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